3 Green Beauty Trends You Need to Know About

AAmy August 26, 2023 5:51 PM

The world is going green, and the beauty industry is no exception. More and more, consumers are becoming conscious of the impact their habits have on the environment, leading to a dramatic shift towards green beauty. This article will discuss three major trends in the green beauty space that you need to know about.

Trend 1: Sustainable Packaging

One of the biggest green beauty trends of 2021 is sustainable packaging. Brands are moving towards eco-friendly solutions like biodegradable packaging, refillable containers, and zero waste options. Here's a quick look at some leading brands in this space:

Brand Packaging Type
Aether Beauty Recyclable and zero waste
Kjaer Weis Refillable metal compacts
Ethique Compostable packaging

But be aware of greenwashing. Some companies may use vague or misleading terms to appear more eco-friendly than they really are. Always do your research to ensure the brand is genuinely committed to sustainable practices.

Trend 2: Waterless Beauty

The second trend is waterless beauty products. Traditional beauty products can contain up to 80% water. By eliminating water, brands can reduce their environmental impact while providing concentrated, effective products. Plus, waterless products tend to have a longer shelf life.

Some popular waterless products include powdered face masks, solid shampoos, and conditioner bars. Brands like Owa Haircare and Lush are leading the way in waterless beauty.

Trend 3: Biodiversity

The third trend to look out for is biodiversity. This involves considering not just the ingredients in beauty products, but also how those ingredients are sourced. Ethical sourcing is becoming increasingly important, with brands striving to ensure their products do not harm the environment or exploit local communities.

Companies like The Body Shop and Aveda are known for their commitment to ethical sourcing and biodiversity. They work closely with local communities to source ingredients in a way that is sustainable and fair.

When considering switching to green beauty, do your research, read labels carefully, and choose brands that align with your values. Green beauty offers numerous benefits, not just for your skin, but for the planet too. And with these three trends leading the way, the future of beauty looks brighter (and greener) than ever.

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