Greening Your Routine: 4 Tips to Reduce Personal Care Waste

AAmy January 15, 2024 7:01 AM

As we become more mindful of the impact our day-to-day activities have on the planet, it's essential to consider not just how we recycle, but also how we consume. Our personal care routines can often generate a significant amount of waste, from shampoo bottles to disposable razors. Fortunately, there are ways to make your personal care routine more sustainable and reduce the amount of waste you generate.

Tip 1: Opt for products with minimal packaging

Most personal care products come in plastic containers that add to our landfill woes. Opting for products with minimal packaging can significantly cut down on waste. Some brands offer 'naked' products — these come without any packaging at all.

Tip 2: Choose refillable products

Many brands offer refillable versions of their products. Instead of purchasing a new container each time you run out, you can simply buy a refill. This not only reduces waste but is often more cost-effective in the long run.

Tip 3: Recycle your beauty products

Many personal care items, like shampoo bottles and makeup containers, can be recycled. Some brands even offer recycling schemes where you can return used containers to be reused or recycled.

Tip 4: Switch to sustainable materials

Consider making the switch to products made from sustainable materials. For example, bamboo toothbrushes are a great alternative to plastic ones and often come in compostable packaging.

Sustainable Personal Care Brands

If you're new to the world of sustainable personal care, it might be helpful to start by exploring brands that prioritize eco-friendly practices. Here are some worth checking out:

Brand Notable for
Lush Reusable packaging and 'naked' products
Aesop Refillable products and sustainable packaging
Ethique Carbon-neutral certification and compostable packaging
The Body Shop Recycling scheme and fair-trade ingredients

Greening your personal care routine doesn't have to be a daunting task. Start small by swapping one product at a time and gradually build up to a fully sustainable routine. Remember, every little step makes a big difference in creating a healthier planet.

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